Carl Starshade

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Carl Starshade
Full name Carl Starshade of Waffel-Paine, Mankari Tassity
AKA Karel Kyle des Vinandy
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Cledwyn Starshade
Mother Clara Sundara Waffel-Paine
Date of birth 1676 AN
Place of birth ‘s Koningenwaarde
Residence(s) Hazelwood, Natopia
Nationality Natopian
Allegiance(s) Natopia
Occupation Apprentice Hazkisi Druid. Heir to the duchy of Hazelwood

Carl Starshade of Waffel-Paine is the second oldest child of Clara Sundara and Cledwyn Starshade. Carl was born while his mother was married to a Batavian king. Since 1691, he has been the heir to the Duchy of Hazelwood following the exclusion of his sister from those inheritances due to her fleeing to Drak-Modan and being adopted into the House of Drak & Waffel-Paine.

Since moving to Natopia in 1684 he has spent most of his time with his father, Cledwyn, learning the ancient art of hazkisi magick. He is currently an apprentice druid under his father but upon his 18th birthday in 1694 he will attain the rank of full druid. At some point in the future he will become Arch-Druid of the Jaiesican Rite, the religious leader of the Hazel people. His elevation to ducal heir was met with approval from the people of Hazelwood, who sees his genuine affinity for his Hazel heritage as a good sign.

After his older sister was removed from the ducal line of succession, Carl began to use his mother's subsidiary title Mankari Tassity as a courtesy title.