Bidalia derby

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Bidalia derby
City or region Bidalia, Gerenia
First contested Ramez White Stars 1–3 International (25 August 2012)
Teams involved KP International
Ramez White Stars
Most wins Ramez White Stars (14)
Top scorer Fabris Balbîn (11)
Last meeting International 1–0 Ramez White Stars (20 February 2016)

The Bidalia derby is a football match between Gerenian clubs KP International and Ramez White Stars, two of the most popular and strongest teams in Bidalia (the region comprising the provinces of Erstveda and Ramez). International is located in Port Elerat, while the White Stars are based in the city of Ramez.


International and Ramez White Stars were founders in 2012 of the Gerenian League 1. The first match between these teams took place in August 2012, as part of the League 1's inaugural season. International defeated the White Stars by 3–1.

Soon the teams became direct contenders for the League 1 and the National Cup titles, and a fierce rivalry began. Ramez White Stars won the League 1 title in 2014–15, the National Cup in 2014 and 2015, and the Champions' Cup in 2015. In all the final matches of these competitions, they defeated International. International, by their part, won the National Cup in 2013, and the Champions' Cup in the following year.


Competition Total International wins Draws Ramez White Stars wins
League 15 5 1 9
Cup 2 0 0 2
Champions' Cup 1 0 0 1
Other 2 0 0 2
Total 20 5 1 14

Top goalscorers

Player Team Goals
Gerenia Fabris Balbîn Ramez White Stars 11
Gerenia Igar Kosko International 5
Gerenia Imre Dameanóvița Ramez White Stars 4
Gerenia Adrian Zivere Ramez White Stars 4