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2nd Imperial Parliament

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The 2nd Alexandrian Imperial Parliament was elected on January 17, 2006, in the 1st general election. The longest it can run is a constitutionally imposed maximum of three months. Prime Minister Matthieu Poitiers said that Parliament would be called into session on January 18th, 2006, at which point a Speaker shall be elected.

The government is led by the Alexandrian Conservative Party, with Matthieu Poitiers as Prime Minister.

Current Party Standings

As of March 9th, 2006, party standings are as follows:

Alexandrian Conservative Party (ACP): 3

People's Democratic Party (PDP): 1

Non-Partisan's Association (NPA): 1

Independents: 2

By-elections of March 2006

Following the elections of January 2006, no political party held a plurality of the seats in the Imperial Parliament. Each one of the politicial parties held at least two seats. The Conservatives however depended on the Prime Ministership to retain their seat count in Parliament.

In February 12th, Claude Peterson (NPA MP from Puerto Nuevo) resigned and left Alexandria due to personal reasons. Following the resignation of Peterson, the two MPs from the People's Democratic Party forfeited their seats in Parliament due to inactivity. This caused Prime Minister Poitiers to call by-elections in these regions. Pete James, the new leader of the PDP, won the seat of Valenciennes by default, as did Emiliano Morales in Puerto Nuevo. Jose Frias, who was defeated in January by Nicholas Bertrand of the PDP, won the seat of Baudrix with 100% of the vote against the PDP's Thierry Mareu.


Name Party Electoral district
     Matthieu Poitiers Conservative Prime Minister of the Empire
     Jacques de Beaufort Conservative Asunción
Joshua Jackson Non-Partisan Rio Grande
     Emiliano Morales Independent Puerto Nuevo
Pete James PDP Valenciennes
     Jose Frias Conservative Baudrix
     Jean Michel Leclerc Independent Imperial Appointee under Article 16 of the Constitution

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1st Imperial Parliament
Imperial Parliament Followed by:
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