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1st Imperial Parliament

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The First elected Imperial Parliament (known as the First Imperial Parliament) was composed of Jacques Gordon, His Eminence Cardinal Jacques de Beaufort, Russel duBois, Claude Peterson, Lord Jean Michel Leclerc des Montagnes, and the Prime Minister of the Empire Matthieu Poiters.

This composition changed when the Cardinal had to leave the country on personal issues. With the seat of Asunción vacant, a new by-election was held and Miss Fabiola Douay of the Alexandrian Pride Party was elected.

Unfortunately, the members of this Parliament had very different believes and opinions, for the most part, and this produced that the only pieces of legislation that came out of it were the New Constitution of the Empire, and the ratification of the Treaty of Loredo by which the Confederate States of Rio Grande were annexed to the Empire. This does not mean that this Parliament was inactive. On the contrary, due to the differences between the Parliamentary Ministers, debate was always present, sometimes it was noble and sometimes it turned into endless bickering and fighting.

The most important topics of debate during this session where concerning the possition of Speaker of the Imperial Parliament and his rights and duties, and the War in the country of Ortania. Other controversial acts and bills put before the House such as the Official Secrets Act, the Emergency Act, the Imperial Parliament Act, the Standing Orders Act, and several proposed amendments to the Imperial Constitution never saw the light.

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