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Refers to Alexandria. Others may exist - Ed.

Juan Ciervo is the current Prime Minister of the Empire.

The Prime Minister of the Empire of the Alexandrians (French: Premier Ministre de l'Empire des Alexandriens), the head of the His Majesty's Government, is elected by a popular vote held every four months. The Prime Minister, according to Alexandrian protocol, is styled The Right Honourable for life.

The Rt. Hon. Juan Ciervo is currently Prime Minister and was sworn in on November 21st, 2006. He is the 3rd Prime Minister under the Alexandrian Constitution of 2005, but the 4th since the January restart of Alexandria. His predecessor is Jose Frias who served two terms starting on June 13th, 2005.

Qualifications and selection

The prime minister may be any Alexandrian citizen who has been a citizen for more than 3 months. The official residence of the prime minister is the Palace of the Prime Minister in Geneva. All Alexandrian prime ministers have lived there.

The prime minister is elected though a direct, popular vote by the Alexandrian people. The candidate with a plurality of the votes wins the position. Unlike its macronational counterparts, the position of prime minister is not tied to a parliamentary plurality, although when elected, the prime minister may choose to sit in the Imperial Parliament.


A prime minister has a fixed term of four months. A prime minister may resign for personal reasons at any time, but is required to resign only when the term has expired. Should he resign before the end of his term, the Speaker of the Imperial Parliament succeeds the prime minister.

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