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For the former Dutch-language micronation of Victoria, see the Republic of Victoria.
Victoria flag old.png Kingdom of Victoria
Flag of Victoria
Royal Coat of Arms of Victoria.png
Coat of Arms
Victoria In Honorem Semper Paratus
Always prepared to protect the honour of Victoria
Anthem: Will Ye Go, Victoria, Go
Map of victoria.png
Location of Victoria (dark green)
- Gotzborg in (light green)
- Apollonia in (grey)
Capital Eldeburgh
Official language(s) English, Scots Gaelic
Demonym Victorian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 - Monarch August Charles II
 - Royal Chancellor Liam, Duke of Montin
 - Legislature Chamber of Deputies
 -Unification Coming Soon
 -Constitution Coming Soon
Currency Gotzborg Thaler (GTh)
Abbreviation VIC
National website
National forum
National Animal Dire wolf
National Flower Thistle

Victoria (Gaelic: Bhioctoria, Scots: Viktoria) is a Constituent Country of The Kingdom of Gotzborg. Occupying the most northern west part of mainland Apollonia, it shares a border with Gotzborg to the south and is bounded by the Floyd Straight to the north and Bruges Bay to the west.