United North Apollonian Company

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United North Apollonian Company
Type Chartered company
Industry Exploitation of overseas territories
Founded 1673
Headquarters Driftwood, Alrig

The United North Apollonian Company is a chartered company of Alriggian merchants and whalers that is active in the Northern Sea. Its headquarters are located in Driftwood, but most of its operations take place from Sint Barentsz in the Northern Circle, which is controlled by the UNAC. The company leases several logistics facilities in the Jingdaoese city Xiaoxincheng, under which a dock in the seaport, a 10 acre cold store and a 20 acre warehouse. The company is both active in whaling as in trading with the people of the North-Apollonian Green. It works together with OldSport and the Apollonian Shipping Company to transport its wares into Alrig and Jingdao.

Board of Directors

Portrait Name Title
Hieronim erazm.png Hieronim Erazm President of the Board of Directors
Zhuchi xi.png Zhuchi Xi Vice-President of the Board of Directors
Kong wei.png Kong Wei Governor of the Northern Circle
Willem de veer.png Willem de Veer Mayor of Sint Barentsz
Gerald de groen.png Gerald de Groen Observer on behalf of the Apollonian Shipping Company
Yan anzhao.png Yan Anzhao Observer on behalf of the Jingdaoese Empire