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Talenore Arsenal

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The Talenore Arsenal, upon which work commenced with a ground-breaking ceremony on 12.IX.1670, is a joint ESB-Sadri Industries subterranean manufacturing facility and storage depot located centrally on Talenore island and operated under the auspices of the Allied Production Matrix of the Raspur Pact. After two-hundred and twenty-eight days the arsenal was certified as fully operational as of 12.III.1671.


Three crucial factors influenced the development of the Talenore Arsenal; these being, the notable resilience of fortified Jingdaoese missile copulas against intensive aerial and naval bombardment during the War of Lost Brothers, the extensive Siege of Talenore during that same conflict, and the ushering in of a new age of warfare evidenced by the willingness of Natopia and the Bassarid Federation to resort to orbital bombardments during the concurrent War of the Harpy and in subsequent conflicts. While some, many in fact, had argued that these trends argued for the development of highly mobile missile launcher platforms - a lesson that the navies of the Raspur Pact at least have taken to heart - the memetic allure of the ancestral forms of ziggurat, flak-tower, and cavernous salt mine continued to work their influence upon the imaginations of Raspur Pact planners.

Design and construction

The site selected for the construction of the arsenal was a partially excavated cluster of halite diapirs which had formed beneath fractures in the brittle and otherwise impermeable bedrock of Talenore island. Salt-mining on Talenore dated back to the earliest Babkhan settlements in the Skerries, established during the Grand Commonwealth period, when Eurans vied with Cyberians from the shores of the Captive Sea and errant Treesians from the Fifth Isle for hegemony over the archipelago. Fortunately the Dromosker were not much in evidence during this early period and, left undisturbed by canoeloads of marauding cannibals, the descendants of those early settlers were able to expand and map the network of mine shafts over a period of 163 years.

The potential of the site was swiftly identified by a joint survey conducted by the Talenorian Minister of Science, Jonah Bevaaq, alongside political officers attached to the General Service Corps and representatives of the Constancian "new learning". The findings of the survey team were discussed by Governor General Mahmood Sadri Maleki and the newly appointed Constancian Consul-General, Dr. Joachim Grobba, during his reception at the Abykhan, the former residence of the President of independent Talenore. Within a week of that meeting Sadri Industries had acquired and fully asserted its proprietorial right to the land; evicting the last families of independent salt-miners from the quarried seams beneath the site. The first construction teams arrived not long afterwards.

The facility

Launch complexes

Production levels

Storage levels

R&D levels

Security zone and perimeter defences