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The South Benacian Community is an international organisation in southern Benacia, aimed at facilitating economic and social development and trade. The countries are sometimes referred to as STUDS.



The organisation is governed by the Council of the Community, consisting of the head of government or state of each member nation, or their appointed representative. The only exception is Sanama, since the Federal Council is the collective head of government and state. Sanama is therefore represented by the Federal Councillor for Foreign Affairs or another member of the Federal Council. Decisions in the council are taken unanimously, the South Benacian Community is not a supranational organisation.


Customs union

The member nations have established a customs union for goods. All tariffs and fees between the member nations have been abolished and the same tariffs are applied toward third countries.

Free trade area

The members have established a free trade area for goods, and are working towards harmonising rules and regulations. Spot checks are still allowed on internal borders in order to combat trade and transport of illicit goods. What constitutes illicit goods are still decided by each member nation.

Police cooperation

The members are cooperating to combat international criminal organisations and networks. The first mission under this area of cooperation is the SOBECOPOSEMITE in Tellia.


South Benacian Community Policing and Security Mission to Tellia

On 11.VIII.1676 the SOBECOPOSEMITE was initiated by the member states of the Community. Its mission is to assist the Tellian authorities in maintaining public safety and national security in northern Tellia. Each of other three members contribute a battalion of military police to the mission. Sanama is also providing the mission with wheeled transports and rotary wing aircraft, while the UGB provides drones and armoured personnel carriers.



  • Air:
    • 12 AH-75 Cobra scout helicopters carrying 20 mm cannon, 38 unguided rockets and SIGINT pods
    • 12 UH-76 Dromosker medium utility helicopters carrying two door machine guns and SIGINT pods
    • 15 VT-UAV 1 Tadpole UAV helicopter, capable of two way encrypted communication with mobile ground station (modified Pod Personnel Carrier), equipped for carrying two modular flechette dispenser pods or two SIGINT pods
  • Land:
    • 36 Horjin CV56 (S) infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and armoured reconnaissance, armed with single 35 mm Autocannon plus external turret-mounted housing brackets for two Hornet Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launchers or Waspsting Man-portable Air Defence Systems
    • 240 Snatch Land Rover Protected Patrol Vehicles


  • Unified Governorates Unified Governorates: Mission Commander Salbnan (Brigadier) Waldemar Thorgilsson, 11.VIII.1676–
  • Sanama Sanama: Executive Officer Kolonelo (Colonel) Kali Shisa, 11.VIII.1676–