Pallisican Central Stock Fund

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Pallisican Central Stock Fund
Founded - PSSC
Headquarters Lucien, Kingdom of New Zimia
Products Brokerage

Established in the mid 30's PSSC, the Pallisican Central Stock Fund represents all of the major companies based in the Kingdom of New Zimia and the Protectorate of the Wallis Islands.

Company Descriptions

Company Flag Company Name Company Description Company Type Notes
Corumian Railway Corporation Corumian Railway Corporation Responsible for the management and maintenance of as many as 15,624 kilometers of railway across Corum, the Corumian Continental Railway Corporation is the largest rail company in the eastern hemisphere. Misc. Logo of the Corumian Continental Railway Corporation.
New Zimian Stock Fund New Zimian Stock Fund The oldest company housed in the Port of Storms, the New Zimia Stock Fund oversees the agricultural production of the region's unique herbs and spices. Food -
Shirley Stock Fund Shirley Stock Fund The industrial center of the Eastern hemisphere, the Shirley Stock Fund oversees the production and maintenance of a wide range of products, from ships, to aircraft, to guns and tanks. All technology produced by the Shirley Stock Fund is designed such that it cannot be used without first registering Bassarid, or other officially approved DNA. *Any weaponry used without first registering the proper DNA will violently explode, killing the user and - in certain circumstances - those in the immediate vicinity of the user.* Misc. Shirley Stock Fund
Wallis-Haifan Diamond Company Wallis-Haifan Diamond Company A company with close ties to the Sinders family, whose work within the Haifan government contributed to the establishment of New Zimia, the Wallis-Haifan Diamond Company oversees the import of diamonds from the mining city of Keybir-Aviv. Misc. -
Southern Silver Investments Southern Silver Investments Established following the discovery of silver in the Region of the East, Southern Silver Investments is the largest employer of the nation's traditionally under-represented Kralian peoples. Misc. -
University of Port Brent University of Port Brent New Zimia's primary institute of higher education, the University of Port Brent operates campuses across the nation. Misc. -
Seemsy Energy Corporation Seemsy Energy Corporation Much of the uranium which is exported by the Antarctic Energy Company is later converted to electricity by the Seemsy Energy Corporation, the nation's largest producer of electricity.. Energy -
CubcumberVineyardCompany Cucumber Vineyard Company Established in the 36.70s amidst global concerns regarding an apparent outbreak of the fungal disease known as White Plague, the Cucumber Vineyard Company specializes in the cultivation of Corumian Cucumber, and in the production of certain cucumber-based products. Food -
Imperial Bassarid Orbital Transit Depot Imperial Bassarid Orbital Transit Depot Corporation TBD Misc.
Bassarid Anti-Piracy Commission Bassarid Anti-Piracy Commission The Bassarid Anti-Piracy Commission is responsible for detaining, trying, and carrying out sentences for pirates operating illegally in the waters of Apollonia, Corum, Eura, or Keltia. Misc. -

Product Lists

Company Product Standard Price
Prices High Prices Normal Prices Low Prices Unchanging
Corumian Railway Corporation Rail .15624km/ Share X
New Zimia Stock Fund Jied-Rabrev 10.8 Tons/Share 12.96/Share
Fuy-Rabrev 12 Tons/Share 14.4/Share
Nou-Oname 22 Tons/Share 26.4/Share
Adraso-Oname 40 Tons/Share 48/Share
Shirley Stock Fund Esper Class Aircraft Carrier 1/100,000 Shares X
Kesh Class Modern Attack Submarine 1/15,000 Shares X
Indigo Class Gunboat 1/3,000 Shares X
Bijeko Class Attack Craft 1/10,000 Shares X
Alpha Class Proximity Aircraft 1/1,500 Shares X
Aead Class Attack Helicopter 1/750 Shares X
Zibertian Class Cruiser 1/35,000 Shares X
Northman Class Corvette 1/7,500 Shares X
Rey Class Submersible Destroyer 1/15,000 Shares X
Simia Class Battle Tank 1/500 Shares X
Nuncrest Class Armored Infantry 1/250 Shares X
Ossyo Class Armored Anti-Aircraft 1/200 Shares X
Lucinspire Class Heavy Tank 1/500 Shares X
Empire Class Light Tank 1/350 Shares X
Petal Class Unmanned Attack Aircraft 1/200 Shares X
P62 Rifle 1/.75 Shares X
P62 Rifle W/ Grenade Launcher 1/ Share X
P62 Commando 1/1.15 Shares X
P62 Covert 1/1.25 Shares X
Shirley 9mm Pistol 2/Share X
P29 Sniper Rifle .5/Share X
836-C "83-SixtyC" Compound Intercept 1/750 Shares X
Momiji Class Orbital Destroyer 1/75,000 Shares X
Antarctic Class Sea Bomber 1/1,000 Shares X
Wallis-Haifan Diamond Company Diamonds .025g/Share .03/Share
Rubies .075g/Share .09/Share
Sapphire .1g/Share .12/Share
Amethyst .1g/Share .12/Share
Southern Silver Investments Silver 1.3g/ Share 1.56/Share
University of Port Brent Credit Hours 100/ Share X
Seemsy Energy Corporation Electricity 1,000kwh/ Share 1200/Share
Cucumber Vineyard Company Corumian Cucumbers 1.35 Tons/Share 1.62/Share
Cucumber-based Toothpaste .35 Tons/Share .42/Share
Cucumber-based Skin Lotion .15 Tons/Share .18/Share
Imperial Bassarid Orbital Transit Depot Afrikänía Depot TBA/Share TBA/Share
Réi Depot TBA/Share TBA/Share
Corasunt Depot TBA/Share TBA/Share
Zartosht Depot TBA/Share TBA/Share
Carol Stream Depot TBA/Share TBA/Share
Jogi Depot TBA/Share TBA/Share
Bassarid Anti-Piracy Commission Arrested Pirates (Apollonia) TBA/Share TBA/Share
Arrested Pirates (Corum) TBA/Share TBA/Share
Arrested Pirates (Eura) TBA/Share TBA/Share
Arrested Pirates (Keltia) TBA/Share TBA/Share

List of Investors

Investor Name Shares Owned Percentage of Shares Owned
Council of Courts 21,703 6.2%
New Zimian War League 6,000 1.71%
Region of the Center 5,890 1.68%
Region of the East 5,300 1.51%
Region of the West 7,885 2.25%
New Zimian Temple Authority 0 0%
Wallis Island 15,000 4.29%
Domain of the North Antarctic 1,830 .52%
Realm of Bayen 2,425 .69%
Realm of Redwood-Brugge 507 .14%
Dependency of Tanah-Baru 786 .22%
Eastern Eura Trade Association 1,772 .51%
New Zimian Merchant Marines 3,800 1.09%
Realm of Alphaville 585 .17%
Passas 600 .17%
Zibertian Societies 250 .07%
Zimian Societies 0 0%
Passasian Societies 390 .11%
Corum Electric 13,500 3.86%
Passasian Unincorporated Territory 10,907 3.12%
Province of the River Erik 1,500 .43%
Blore Heath 0 0%
Jogi 0 0%
Mylecia 0 0%
Rouge 10,000 2.86%
Vaeringheim 10,000 2.86%
Pallisican Pretender Government of Elijah's Rest 5,000 1.43%
Florian Republic 1,000 .29%
Corumian Underground 13,000 3.71%
Imab Army 3,000 .86%
Hatch Ministry 0 0%
Pallisican Primary Contingency Zone 12,500 3.57%

Recent Employment Reports

Year Number of People Employed Total Paid in Wages Average Wages/Person Total Value of Company Production Modifier
39.60 PSSC 4,937,299 355,902 Polis .07 Polis 924,780 Polis Heatwave (-10%)
39.40 PSSC 4,910,092 357,884 Polis .07 Polis 924,780 Polis Rebellion (-10%)
39.20 PSSC 4,627,595 309,846 Polis .07 Polis 847,715 Polis Crime(-10%)
39.00 PSSC 3,020,291 203,321 Polis .07 Polis 633,150 Polis Rebellion (-30%)
38.80 PSSC 3,196,230 210,724 Polis .07 Polis 633,150 Polis Floods (-10%)
38.60 PSSC 2,832,040 174,900 Polis .06 Polis 569,835 Polis Crime (-30%)
38.40 PSSC 2,141,992 135,115 Polis .06 Polis 569,835 Polis Heatwave (-30%)
38.20 PSSC 2,180,316 136,561 Polis .06 Polis 569,835 Polis Rebellion (-30%)
38.00 PSSC 2,047,691 161,757 Polis .08 Polis 633,150 Polis Heatwave (-50%)
37.80 PSSC 2,121,458 140,252 Polis .07 Polis 569,835 Polis Crime (-10%)
37.60 PSSC 2,460,571 127,606 Polis .05 Polis 506,250 Polis Drought (-10%)
37.40 PSSC 1,467,508 131,859 Polis .09 Polis 506,520 Polis Crime (-30%)
37.20 PSSC 1,492,657 133,034 Polis .09 Polis 506,520 Polis Epidemic (-20%)
37.00 PSSC 1,556,019 139,877 Polis .09 Polis 366,642 Polis Floods (-20%)
36.80 PSSC 1,382,801 110,717 Polis .08 Polis 402,520 Polis Surplus (+20%)
36.60 PSSC 3,599,743 163,999 Polis .045 Polis 416,828 Polis Epidemic (-20%)
36.40 PSSC 2,802,111 185,736 Polis .066 Polis 439,209 Polis Drought (-40%)
36.20 PSSC 7,568,023 186,261 Polis .024 Polis 439,209 Polis Rebellion (-10%)
36.00 PSSC 9,032,843 186,335 Polis .02 Polis 439,209 Polis Epidemic (-20%)