Isherwood derby

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Isherwood derby
City or region Port Elerat, Gerenia
First contested International 2–1 Isherwood (8 August 2012)
Teams involved KP International
KPSK Isherwood
Most wins KPSK Isherwood (9)
Top scorer Igar Kosko (17)
Last meeting Isherwood 1–2 International (30 January 2016)

The Isherwood derby is the football match between the two top Port Elerat clubs KP International and KPSK Isherwood. The denomination "Isherwood derby" remains in spite of Port Isherwood's name changing to Port Elerat, although Elerat derby is also used.


Both International SC and Isherwood CSSC were the first football teams founded in the city of Port Elerat. They are also the most popular teams in Gerenia. The first official match was played on 8 August 2012, as part of the 2012–13 Gerenian AEFA Champions' League qualifiers. International won the match by 2–1.

Three days later, the teams clashed again for the week 2 of the inaugural season of the Gerenian League 1. International won again, this time by a shocking 5–0. That match is known as the Elstree Road Disaster, and it is still the largest margin in this derby.

Besides playing four times a season for the League 1 (competition won twice by Isherwood), the teams have clashed in three of the four editions of the Gerenian National Cup. In 2012 Isherwood eliminated International in the semi-finals. In 2013 and 2014, International managed to eliminate Isherwood. In 2014 the teams played the first Champions' Cup, which was won by International.


Competition Total International wins Draws Isherwood wins
League 14 4 3 7
Cup 6 2 2 2
Champions' Cup 1 1 0 0
Other 3 1 2 0
Total 24 8 7 9

Top goalscorers

Player Team Goals
Gerenia Igar Kosko International 17
Gerenia Anatol Lagosser Isherwood 8
Gerenia Karl Brükner Isherwood 7
Gerenia Rikard Vireme Isherwood 5
Gerenia Peder Segara International 4
Gerenia Edvard Toledo Isherwood 4