Xhusor War

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Xhusor War
A building destroyed in the conflict
Date 14th July to 2nd August 2017
Location Xhusor (De Facto),Florian Republic (De Jure)
Status Finished
Florianrepublicflag.png Florian Republic

Kingdom of coria flag.png Kingdom of Coria


XLAflag.png Xhusor Liberation Army

Pirates.png Xhusorian Pirates

Casualties and losses
Florians (citizens):
  • 2900 fatalities
  • 1700 Injured


  • 120 fatalities
  • 680 Injured
  • 38,500 fatalities
  • 62,000 Injured

The Xhusor War was a conflict which took place in the self-proclaimed country of Xhusor. It started after attacks from the XLA who destroyed government buildings in the region and hacked several government data, and then eventually unilaterally declaring independence breaking the Constitution. The war was fought by several nations. The Florian Republic alongside its allies of Coria and the USSO were fighting the terrorist organisation the Xhusor Liberation Army and its supporters, who wanted the region of Xhusor to be independent.

Timeline of the war


  • 14th July - Mass hacking and destruction of government buildings in Xhusor. XLA declares itself as a country unilaterally causing anger in the Florian Republic and then the eventual declaration of war. The Florian Republic asks for support from its allies which is accepted.
  • 15th July - 100 people injured in a bridge attack in a local village. Northcliff Arena is announced to be closing after the Koldagas Cup. Its football team is moved to Oldhaven. The government starts to plan evacuation plans for the Florians in Xhusor. 'Operation Undertake' was completed. The operation was to find the XLA's military positions. For revenge, businesses were hacked by ransomware by the XLA. Later in the day the Florian and Corian fighter Jets airstrike a small base in Northern Xhusor, which kills all of the 500 people in the base and destroying 11 tanks and 27 infantry vehicles.
  • 19th July - Fighting escalates near the Xhusor Border. Many Xhurions are killed and many of them become injured. A few Florians and Corians are killed and injured. The 'border' wall becomes heavily damaged in the process.
Fighting near the Xhusor Border
Damage on the Xhusor Border wall
  • 20th July- A mass bombing kills 7,000 Xhusorians in the Xhusorian capital.


  • August 1st 2017 - Mass attack on Xhusor. Extreme number of Xhurions killed. Many buildings are destroyed. The XLA surrender and talks about autonomy begin.