Northcliff Arena

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Northcliff Arena
Northcliff Arena.jpg
Inside of the Stadium
Location Northcliff
Broke ground 2017
Built 2017
Opened 2017
Renovated 2017
Owner Northcliff United
Surface Artificial turf
Scoreboard Electronic
Construction cost Cr 90 Million
Capacity 75,643
Field dimensions 105 by 68 metres
Northcliff United
Northcliff Vikings Rugby League Football Club

Northcliff Arena was the national football stadium of the Florian Republic and is located in Northcliff, the capital. There are two stadiums in the complex. The main stadium having a capacity of 75,000 and a small stadium for the reserves which has a capacity of 6,000, which is called the beehive. The main stadium was closed after heavy damage during the Xhusor War and was renovated for a long period. On the 29th August, it re-opened to the public. Also on that day, it would be announced that international fixtures would no longer be played in the stadium as because the Florian Football Association decided that other stadiums should have a fairer chance in hosting international fixtures. The stadium will be demolished and renovated from 2019 onwards.


It was announced that Northcliff Arena would be demolished at the end of 2018 Super League season and that the stadium would be constructed into a larger and more modern stadium. Safety concerns from fans and players alike lead to the local government deciding to invest in a stadium. More transport links will be created for the stadium and more highly prestigious events such as international football and rugby league matches will be played there once reconstruction is complete. Reconstruction is expected to last three years.