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Official language English
Capital Chuán Ké
Largest cities Chuán Ké
Number of citizens 1,300,000
Date founded 14 July 2017
Current leader Shang Yang
Currency Xhusovar Jeng
National animal Tiger

Xhusovo was an autonomous region of the Florian Republic which was controlled by the terrorist group The XLA from the 14th July 2017 to 2nd August 2017. The majority of the population was Jingdaoese and they were many uprisings since the independence of the Florian Republic leading to an eventual take over by the XLA. The region unilaterally declared independence, which was internationally condemned and many government buildings in the region were destroyed. On 30th September, it declared official independence after a close result in the Xhusor Referendum of Independence.


Xhusor War

Main article: Xhusor War

A war occurred in the region from the 14th July 2017 to 2nd August 2017. After the war, the region suffered and many citizens left for refuge in Nedland. Many people became unemployed and the economy dropped massively.

Interwar interlude

As many as 800,000 Xhusors had fled following the war. Many of those who fled found their way to Krasnarus, being one of the nearest countries to lack an active animus towards the Xhusovar Jing. For those who remained the situation was grim, with 40% of the housing stock damaged or destroyed and unemployment rampant. The country was landlocked, bordered by former adversaries. The local currency was worthless, with inflation reaching catastrophic proportions as legal trade stalled while local producers lacked the necessary black market connections to facilitate direct access into the USSO Common Market, while at the same time infrastructure development had stalled due to a lack of inward investment and a complete lack of foreign currency reserves. Xhusovo was seen as a bad investment with poor long term prospects. The only discernible economic activity initiated by the government had been the commencement of a stadium building project. Considering the condition of the country in the immediate aftermath of a war and fraught independence, the decision to focus upon sporting infrastructure was quixotic in the extreme. It was even denounced by some as a gross misappropriation of funds on the part of so-called XLA veterans.

The XLA under the leadership of Zhu Cheng was practically the sole functioning entity in Xhusovo; almost all aspects of the state and society, at least in those areas not pertaining to sport, remained under the purview of the old XLA leadership. The autocratic leadership model inherited from the days of the guerrilla war and urban terrorist campaign against the Florian Republic meant that the cadres of the XLA were brutally intolerant of even limited levels of internal dissent. The ruling clique could neither forgive nor forget how narrow their margin of victory in the independence referendum had been. It was widely suspected, but never confirmed, that, in the absence of Florian troops – whose deployment had been bizarrely cancelled owing to a rogue commentary provided by a Kalgachi diplomat – the XLA had been able to engage in all manner of electoral fraud, including ballot stuffing, the intimidation of voters, identity fraud and the bribery of election officials. Indeed, some Florian commentators long contented that, without the menaces of the XLA, the narrow victory for the independence campaign would have been a resounding defeat.

The Twelve Days War

In late 1653 AN the Sxiro-Florian allied forces occupied Xhusovo in order to forestall or delay a Jingdaoese invasion through the Xhusovo Gap. Although sufficient time was not available to fortify the country to the same standard as the rest of the Florian-Jing border, the allies were able to introduce a modest garrison of 17,000, reinforced by hastily assembled local militias, and installed a new democratic leader Shang Yang to replace the ousted Zhu Cheng and the XLA.


Sports was the most popular activity in the country. The region had its own football federation which entered a National Team and clubs into AEFA competitions. Rugby League was popular as well and two teams competed briefly in Florian competitions.

New Stadium

The country had announced plans for a new sports stadium, due to the poor infrastructure in the region. The government had pledged to fund the stadium however due to political and financial reasons, the government had to rely on foreign investment to complete the project. In Late September after many months of collecting funds. The stadium started construction, however work on the new stadium was swiftly destroyed in the War of Lost Brothers.