Vauntless Engineering Company, Limited

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The Vauntless Engineering Company, Limited was a Shirerithian defence manufacturer based in Nordagaat, Sathrati. It was founded in 1650 AN by Isabella Kalirion to equip the Jaysh al-Satharti with aviation and maritime assets following the re-establishment of that militia from Goldshire in the islands of Amity, Mirioth, and So-Sara. The company did not prove to be a great success, producing during its lifetime a mere sixteen primitive divebombers and a single naval minesweeper. The maritime remit of the company was abandoned before 1672 AN as competition from the Amity Boatyards, long established in Erudition, rendered the company's efforts to pursue further shipbuilding orders ineffective.

The primary activities of the company, as of 1711 AN, focused around maintaining the existing fleet of obsolete Vauntless divebombers, now used primarily as reconnaissance and maritime patrol aircraft, for the Jaysh al-Sathrati. To this end the company, in addition to its registered offices in Nordagaat, maintains a machine repair workshop and a landing strip at Arg-e Ardashir that is suitable for light and medium aircraft. The company has a permanent workforce of forty at the Arg-e Ardashir site, consisting of planners, engineers, aircraft fitters, technicians and test pilots, as well as a small eight-man administrative staff at Nordagaat.

As the eldest born heir to Isabella Kalirion, Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion inherited sole ownership of the enterprise at her death in 1670 AN, although he did not become fully aware of this fact until appointing a notary from Chryse to investigate the details of his inherited Benacian estates in 1711 AN.