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Vanaheim, or Vanyam (in Kalasperin) was the former capital city and seat of government of the Elwynnese Republic (Free Elwynn) and remained a major port settlement after the incorporation of the islands into the Benacian Union. The city is located on the island of Volsung off the southeastern coast of Hyperborea. The placename Vanaheim has been on every single MCS map since the very first, which makes it unique among all other placenames.

Although Raikothin, the island has a much less insular and more modern outlook than its bigger counterpart. Seen as the window to Hyperborea. Local industry is divided between energy, services, tourism, and trade (mainly shipping and refuelling).


At the onset of the Second Elwynnese Civil War, the Union Defence Force garrison on the island of Vanaheim defected to the Republic of Elwynn and Amokolia. Afterwards the defence of the island was reorganised by the Self-Defence Forces of Elwynn and Amokolia and placed in the hands of the 69th Rifle Regiment, which endured an arduous relocation over the ice to the island from Leng, supported by a locally raised levy of the Home Guard, amounting to some 5,288 men-at-arms. The islanders were fortunate in that the Benacia Command did not seemingly place any great importance on recapturing largely ice-bound Vanaheim. This indifference was subsequently exploited by the Calbain Navy, whose Iron Fleet used the port of Vanaheim in the aftermath of the naval action in Cimmeria as their base of support to the anti-Raspurid Republican forces. Many prominent Verionist politicians moved from the city of Fieldburg to Vanaheim in order to be safe from a potential Raspurid assault on the city.