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Orders of the Day

Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie

  • Labor Exchange / public employment legislation
  • National Fire Service legislation

See also: Federal Humanist Party 1713 General Election Campaign (Nouvelle Alexandrie)

Constancia Constancia

Mesazon Alissa Guadalim

Alissa Guadalim 16.VII.1710 -

  • Cabinet reshuffle
  • Rosamund as Minister for Women
  • Home Guard assembly exercise; equipage
  • Establishment of uniform state corporation
  • Illegal immigration and asylum reform
  • Tax reform
  • Corruption
  • Judicial reform

Natopia Natopia

Western Natopia Western Natopia

Arboria Arboria

  • Arboria
    • Demesnial Union Government
    • Demesnial Forces
    • Revenue Reform
    • Frenzy and local elections
  • Constancia
    • Constitutional Convention
    • 5th Imperial Synkletos results and legis
    • Revenue Reform
    • Dependency Government
    • Article stubs
      • Constancian sports structure and history


  • ESB
    • Enterprise Solutions Benacia
    • Eura Ship Building
    • Euran Sovereigns Brewery
    • Educational School Books
    • ESB Securities Brokerage
    • Euran Satellite Business
    • Euran Space Business

Zeed Zeed

  • local councils legislation
  • election law