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Union of Oudorp

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The Union of Oudorp (Cibolan-Diets: Unie van Oudorp, Ludwiggian: Oudorper Union) is a treaty signed by several cities in the Lanzerwald to create an alliance to defend each others against foreign invasions, and to also make arrangements on several subjects such as commerce, taxes and religion. The Union of Oudorp considers itself a continuation of the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen. Although the Second Ludwiggian-Monovian War was won by Sankt Ludwigshafen, it was a Pyrrhic victory and the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen was unable to maintain its dominant position in the Lanzerwald. The union consisted of various Cibolan-Diets speaking cities, most of them in areas previously controlled by the dominion of Zandarijn in the period until 1699 when the Sack of Hamstadt happened, as well as Sankt Ludwigshafen and Louisville. Representatives from the various cities gathered in Oudorp as this city was both associated with Zandarijn in the period before 1699 and associated with Sankt Ludwigshafen after the Sack of Hamstadt.

The primary objective of the treaty was to prevent a power vacuum and lawlessness in the area previously controlled by Sankt Ludwigshafen. With this in mind, the cities created a unitary state, based on the rule of law, that was intended to represent the interests of all cities within the Lanzerwald. The state that was founded by the treaty is called the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald (Cibolan-Diets: Republiek van de Verenigde Steden in het Lanserwoud, Ludwiggian: Republik der Vereinigte Städte im Lanzerwald). The state was formally grounded on 1.X.1709 AN and notifications were sent to treaty partners that the new state would assume all rights and obligations that were conferred by the various treaties signed and ratified by the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen until 1.X.1709.

Cities that were signatories to the Union of Oudorp