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Sankt Elonzo

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Stadt Sankt Elonzo
Flag of Stadt Sankt Elonzo
Nickname: City in the woods
Motto: When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth: and when the wicked perish, there is shouting. (Proverbs 11:10)
Location of Stadt Sankt Elonzo
Founded 1705
Bürgermeister(in) Heinrich aus dem Wald
Population 4,329

Sankt Elonzo, or Stadt Sankt Elonzo is a city in the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald that is a signatory to the Union of Oudorp.

Between 1705 and 1707, Sankt Elonzo was the fourth most populous city in the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen, when it had 17,922 inhabitants. The city was added to Sankt Ludwigshafen in 1705 following the Ludwiggian-Monovian War. Before the war the city was the capital of the unrecognised Kingdom of Monovia, which was led by King Elonzo XII. After the war Elonzo XII was forced to convert to the Nazarene faith and became a major apologist and proselytiser in the few months that he had to live. After his death in VII.1705 former enemy of the state Elonzo XII was recognised as a saint and his hometown was named after him.

The city was destroyed on 15.XV.1707 during the Second Ludwiggian-Monovian War when High Priestess Elijahna of the Siseranist Temple set the entire city alight during a mass human sacrifice ritual. The city was partly rebuilt after the battle, and the city attracted refugees from cities in the south of the Lanzerwald as the fighting raged on there. In 1709 the city was a signatory to the Union of Oudorp treaty that established the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald.