Treesian Red

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A preparation of narcotic wine, originating in a Treesian attempt at poisoning a Babkhan garrison during the Tashbaani Crisis of the late 15th Century AN. Whilst the potent fortified wine failed to incapacitate the Babkhan officers, who indulged in a glass and then the entire bottle, it did create an all consuming and ravenous thirst amongst the Babkhan martial aristocracy, leading some to go so far as to speculate that Treesian Red contributed to the decline of Babkha's ruling class into decadence, debauchery, and viciousness, with consequences that the irradiated Euran continent bears to this day.

Introduced to the traumatised Shirerithian palate by Babkhan emigres, the consumption and popularity of Treesian Red rose steadily in the Imperial Republic as a cheap alternative to medicine and especially as a morale booster after supplies of Antyan wine were cut off in the aftermath of the loss of Kildare to the Jing.