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Jingdaoese Kingdom of Sweden
Sweden flag.png
Location sweden.png
Districts Götaland, Svealand, Norrland
Capital Stockholm
Largest cities Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö
King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, loyal subject of the Heavenly Light since 1607 AN

Sweden also known as Jingdao-Sweden was formerly a protectorate of Jingdao, since Sweden was invaded by the Jingdaoese Empire in XI.1607 and surrendered unconditionally in XII.1607. Jingdaoese forces used remnants of the Hurmu Gate, acquired by Sisera in the period directly prior to the Hurmu Genocide in 1604, to reach the planet Earth which is home to Sweden. It was a kingdom that is governed by Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, a loyal subject of the Heavenly Light. For the most part, the population of Sweden remains oblivious to their occupation. The country remains part of the European Union and EU legislation banning memes has been extended to be valid throughout the entire Jingdaoese Empire. The population of Sweden speaks a dialect of Danish that is known as Army Crandish. The national animal of Sweden is the Yule Goat.


Starting in 1688, several Swedish citizens have criticised leading politicians for not resembling real people and that they do not take responsibility for their actions. The Siseranist Tegong which oversees simulating democracy in the Scandinavian nation has admitted that the simulation needs to be tweaked to make it more likeable, but calls the criticism an exaggeration. Fredrik Reinfeldt, former prime minister of Sweden, who is known for his cute puppy eyes and aerodynamic appearance, has been brought in to chair a commission that will advise the Tegong in this matter.

In 1716 AN officers from the 2nd Directorate of the General Inspectorate of Apollonia Command briefly entered Swedish territory, whilst under the close supervision of Tegong agents during a visit to certain facilities housed at Daodao. Following a familiarisation briefing it was decided to redact any mention of the Russian Federation from any subsequent Raspur Pact briefings which might be seen by officers from the Benacian Union.

End of the occupation

The Jingdaoese occupation of Sweden was confirmed to have ended as of 1728 AN, coinciding with the culmination of Sweden's accession process to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.