Society of the Friends of the Revolution

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Society of the Friends of the Revolution
Abbreviation Kakumei Society
President Marius Gallo
Secretary-General Wang Wei
Slogan The State. The Law. Liberty.
Founded 1699 AN. Port Nevermore, United Thanedom of Dalmacija
Headquarters Somewhere in Arboria
Newspaper The Ziyou Chronicle
Membership Unknown, mostly refugees (Post-Chidao Troubles)
Ideology Abolition of the monarchy, independence of Jingdao/Kildare from Great Apollonia
Colours Gold - silver - blue

The Society of the Friends of the Revolution, or Kakumei Society (Revolution Society) was an organisation established in 1698 AN, during the latter days of the Post-Chidao Troubles. Meant as council to coordinate the civil war efforts of the Thanedom and Xianbei, it eventually evolved into the most important representative of those governments-in-exile.


Under pressure of the revolutionary Wang Wei, who advocated more cooperation between the remnants of the Xianbei government and the United Thanedom of Dalmacija, the Society was established as think tank and political club to align both nation's interests. Marius Gallo, who first declined to join what was perceived as a chain around his feet, was eventually pressured by his fellow compatriots to at least pretend to be willing to form a united front.

In 1699 AN, the situation was already bleak for both the Thanedom - which was slowly pushed back northwards - and the Xianbei state - which had more or less lost all its major cities and was fighting a desperate guerrilla war. The Society increasingly became a place to organise its' members impending retreat and evacuation.

The cooperation between Jing and Kildari, the promises of fairer treatment of the millions of Jing within Dalmacija - which angered Marius Gallo - and eventually the establishment of a Jingdaoese division which would fight under Wang Wei all strengthened the idea of a renewed fighting spirit. On 28.IX.1699 800 soldiers and 34 officers of Jing descent signed the 1699 Xinshi Denouncement, ending their bound with the Heavenly Light and expressing desire to overthrow both the monarchy as Tianchaodao.

Hopes of success, however, were shortlived. The end of 1699 AN would see a last desperate attempt of the Society to defend Hongsejiamen at the Zhang River. Its fall meant the collapse of the frontline. Wang Wei, surrounded and wounded, fled on New Year, 1700 AN, to Senya, while Marius Gallo was seen fleeing Port Nevermore when the city was surrounded.

While the war seemed lost, both would eventually meet again to re-establish the Society as a revolutionary and rebel movement, vowed to liberate Jingdao.


While a loosely knit political faction, the Society vowed to reach certain goals:

  • Establishment of Jingdao as a free republic.
  • Male universal suffrage.
  • Abolition of bound servants.
  • Abolition of the monarchy.
  • Abolition of Tianchaodao.
  • Disbanding the Tegong.