1699 Xinshi Denouncement

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The 1699 Xinshi Denouncement was an infamous denouncement of the policies of the Heavenly Light, the Xinshi Emperor, during the final days of the Post-Chidao Troubles. While its impact on the rebels' war effort was minimal, it dealt a heavy blow to Heavenly authority. On 28.IX.1699 800 soldiers and 34 officers of Jing descent (fighting for the Kakumei Society) made their desire publicly known to end their spiritual bound with the Heavenly Light and expressed desire to overthrow both the monarchy as Tianchaodao.

It's the first time in recorded history that a Jingdaoese revolted directly against the Heavenly Throne and His or Her commands. It shattered the belief that Jingdaoese were incapable of revolting against their Heavenly Light (even rebels recognised in one way or another the authority of the Court in spiritual matters). After the civil war, the surviving soldiers were taken by the Tegong and sent to hidden research facilities of Unit 666. Suspicions of biological errors were made, but remain unproven till this day.