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Secretary of State or State Secretary is a title used for a senior or mid-level post in governments around the Micras. The role varies between countries, and in some cases there are multiple Secretaries of State in the Government.


Kingdom of Victoria (1891 - 2011)

In the Kingdom of Victoria, a Secretary of State was a Cabinet Minister in charge of a Department of the Government (though not all departments were headed by a Secretary of State, e.g. HM Treasury was headed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer). Secretaries of State were appointed directly by the Prime Minister, and were responsible, along with other Cabinet members, for the collective Government of the Kingdom.

Victoria (2013-)

Since its union with Gotzborg, Victoria relinquished all government administration to His Majesty's Government in Lonenberg. On 6 February 2014, August Charles II established the role of Secretary of State for Victoria by Royal Decree[1] and thus brought back a title with much tradition and history in Victoria.

The Secretary of State for Victoria is the same rank as Minister of State within Gotzborg.