August Charles II

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His Royal Majesty King August Charles II

Plumbley's Who's Who of Gotzborg
August Charles II
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Personal Arms
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Personal Medals
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Title His Royal Majesty
Full Name August Charles Frederick Albert William
Immigrated 1989


Born in Reichlau Court Palace, Reichlau, Gotzborg, in 1975 to King William Albert I and Queen Alyssa, His Royal Majesty King August Charles II ascended the throne in 1989 and is the founder and cultural architect of Gotzborg.

Titles, Awards & Decorations

  1. Grand Commander of The Most Noble and Ancient Order of the Crown;
  2. Knight of The Most Exalted Order of the Star of Gotzborg;
  3. Grand Cross of The Most Honourable Order of the Eagle;
  4. Commanders Cross (1st Class) w/ Swords & Crown of The Royal Order of Merit;
  5. Military Merit Cross;
  6. Order of Loyalty;
  7. Charles Cross (Military);
  8. Prince of Nordhurland Vestra (Viking Empire of Stormark) (November 2, 2004);
  9. Most Illustrious Imperial Order of Sleipnir Knight Grand Cross (KGCS) (Viking Empire of Stormark);
  10. Imperial Order of the Solomonic Empire (Gold) (Atteran Empire);
  11. Imperial Order of the Empress' Rose (Atteran Empire);
  12. Knight Companion of the Most Magnificent Imperial Order of the Sovereign Viking Crown (Viking Empire of Stormark);
  13. The Louis Cross for Gallantry (Kingdom of Varennes);
  14. Giotto Star for Artistic Excellence (Kingdom of Varennes);
  15. Knight Commander of the Most Ancient Imperial Order of the Lightning Sword (Viking Empire of Stormark) (April 29, 2007);

Government Service

  1. Minister of State for the War Office (January 11, 2010 - November 20, 2016);

Military Service


  1. Field Marshal (RA) (1989 - );
  2. Grand Admiral (RN) (1989 - );
  3. Commander (Royal Varennese Navy) (2004);


  1. Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Armed Forces (1989 - )
  2. Honorary Colonel-in-Chief - His Royal Majesty's Own Regiment (3rd Regiment Royal Guard Infantry) (1989 - );
  3. Honorary Colonel-in-Chief - Death's Head Hussars (Royal Guard Cavalry Regiment Nr.5) (1989 - );
  4. Honorary Colonel-in-Chief - 4th Royal Artillery (King August William II Regiment) (1989 - );

Police Service


No records available.


No records available.

Other Service

  1. Archduke of Reichlau (1989 - );
  2. Grand Duke of Lucerne (1989 - );
  3. Count Kendal (1989 - );

Notable Contributions

  1. Founder and Cultural Architect of Gotzborg (1989);
  2. Founder of the business, Königlich Schwerindustrie (Royal Heavy Industries) (2004);
  3. Founder of the business, Reichlau Steamship & Navigation Company (March 19, 2011);