Second Pirate Wars

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Second Pirate Wars (War of Jingdaoese Aggression)
836-1 Class Bomber
A pair of Pallisican bombers patrols the Sea of Storms at the height of the Second Pirate Wars.
Date 17 August 2015 - 19 October 2015
Location Eastern Eura
Result Victory for Realm of Passio-Corum
  • Passio-Corum expands claims in Eura, establishes claims in Skerry and Anterran Isles
  • Jingdao loses claims in Anterran Isles, establishes claims in Skerry Isles
  • Ergonia is dissolved
Passas Passio-Corum
Pirates (Jingdao)
Commanders and leaders
Passas Commander of the New Zimian War League
Captain Poldark
Units involved
Passas New Zimian War League
Passas 8,000+ men
Casualties and losses
20 men Unknown

The most notable of the conflicts in which the New Zimian War League has participated, the Second Pirate Wars featured a series of pitched battles fought in Eastern Eura, between New Zimian forces and pirates employed by Jingdao.


The Second Pirate Wars began when Jingdaoese pirates sailing under the banner of the Independent Realm of Ergonia, who were monitoring and behaving aggressively towards vessels representing Talenore, refused orders by the government of the Realm of Passio-Corum to avoid New Zimian shipping lanes in the Skerry Isles and Eastern Eura, stating that they would sooner attack and capture Pallisican settlements than submit to the New Zimian orders. In response to this refusal by the leader of the pirate vessels, the government of Passio-Corum authorized the deployment of soldiers to each of the major cities of Eastern Eura.


On Ondemia 14, 836 WG, the city of Zinjibar became the scene of a brief and violent battle between the New Zimian War League and Jingdaoese pirates under the command of the notorious Captain Poldark, in which the pirates were ultimately forced to retreat after attempting a naval invasion of the city. Soon after this battle, New Zimian forces defended against a second assault by the Jingdaoese pirates, this time against the city of Shahpur. This battle too resulted in a retreat by the pirates, who again found themselves out-gunned and outnumbered by the forces representing Passio-Corum. This time, however, the pirates were forced to retreat into central Eura, where it is believed that many died of exposure and dehydration.

In the months following the Battle of Shahpur, the New Zimian War League responded to a burgeoning alliance between the surviving pirates and native tribes, by bombing the wreckage of the Jingdaoese ships which had been heavily damaged in the Battle of Zinjibar. This action, which severed ties between the pirates and their potential Eurani allies, was followed by a cessation of open conflict. The war itself, however, would not end until the mid-840's, when Jingdao formally and unceremoniously embraced the defeated pirates.


As a result of the Second Pirate Wars, the Realm of Passio-Corum was able to expand its territorial holdings in Eastern Eura, while also establishing claims in the Skerry Isles and the Realm of Alphaville. The war, in addition, resulted in the loss of Jingdaoese territory in the Eastern Sea of Storms, and the creation of the Maritime Free Republic in the Skerry Isles. The Independent Realm of Ergonia, furthermore, was dissolved during this war.