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Scott Woodrow

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Scott Woodrow (1470–1560) was a Woodstanic politician and president.

Considered the founder of the Union of Woodstanic Republics and its first president, Woodrow became an internationally known figure. After Woodstania came under Babkhan occupation, Woodrow created a rival government in exile and fled to Stormark where he first applied for asylum, and then became a naturalised citizen under the name Skott Wottrsson in 1530, being awarded the title Hero of Stormark the same year. In 1545 he was raised to the peerage as Jarl of Brännö. He ceded "his" Woodstania to Stormark, only for this Woodstania to be granted independence in 1540. The Act granting Woodstania independence, the Law of Woodstanic Succession, was put on hold ever since, and was until the destruction of Stormark in 1685 never fully realised. Instead, a different law of Stormark, known as the Woodstanic Act, provided for Woodrow to come back to Stormark and carve out land from Stormark to form his own Woodstanic realm.

He applied for admittance to the Senate of the Lakes, and thereby of the Order of the Holy Lakes, and his application was voted through in favour on 5.III.1543, after which he was considered a Senator of the Lakes. However, he never once spoke in the Senate nor voted in it, which has led people to question whether he was a proper member of the Senate and the Order. That question will be resolved in the 1701 Order of the Lakes referendum on the membership of Scott Woodrow.

Woodrow was married to the Nevaeh Kaur of Korhalistan (1474–1556). They had three children, Chloe (1497–1571), Will (1499–1583), and Lara (1502–1594). Among Woodrow's descendants are found the Tobu Emperor of Greater Apollonia, Joseph des Vinandy-Windsor, and André Vales.

In Stormark, he was last heard from in 1554, and was automatically declared legally dead six years later as per Storish law.