Schism of 1699

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The Schism of 1699 in the Church of Elwynn caused the Archdiocese of Yaanek to be formed and break away from the Church of Elwynn, resulting in two church hierarchies claiming original succession from the Treesian Unorthodox Church in Elwynn.

The schism occurred due to the perceived political influnces of the Congress of Chryse upon the Church of Elwynn (see, e.g., 1699 Edict of Correction. The authorities loyal to the Congress seized liturgical texts and arrested and tortures clerics of the Church who did not conform to the new monotheistic thought within the previous dualistic-polytheistic religion. As a result, all dioceses with headquarters outside Elwynn met in synod in Shirekeep in 1699 where it was quickly decided that the Church in Elwynn was both schismatic and heretic, and therefore a new church organization, independent of the Elwynnese state, needed to be formed. As such, the Church of Elwynn (Archdiocese of Yaanek) was formed.