Round Table of Valarion

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The Citadel of Valarion, where the Round Table is located and the meetings were held

The Round Table of Valarion was an informal international gathering of states, businesses and national institutions and interest groups. The name of the organisation refers to the homonymous stone table that can be found in the Citadel of Valarion, in the Verionian Empire. The Round Table of Valarion was instrumental in drafting the Eight Points Plan and instigated the Union of 1682, which established the Confederation of Verionian States known as Gran Verionia.

Stated Goals

The Round Table of Valarion has published the Eight Points Plan, an outline of the worldview that the members of the Round Table strive to advance. The Eight points are divided into national goals and international goals.

  • Advancing cohesive, sovereign and harmonious societies that represent the four estates in a corporatist manner.
  • Liberty and cohesion over democracy, populism and career politics.
  • striving towards centralised, efficient and limited government.
  • Protecting private property and advancing economic liberty and innovation.
  • Creating an international order based on multipolarity and national sovereignty.
  • Providing free and unrestricted trade, access to ports and markets, universal reciprocity of trade conditions.
  • Combatting militarism, anti-sovereign stratocracy and imperialism.
  • Establishing international cooperation and dialogue on a rational basis, respecting mutual gains and reciprocity.


Symbol Name Entity Representative Notes
Chryse Flag.png Free City of Chryste Autonomous City State Jana Al-Basani
CC.png Coldwater Company Corporation Viktor Lewis
Iron Company New.png Iron Company Corporation Stephen Lewis
KasterburgishFlag.png Kasterburg Republic State Magistrate Reginald de Montfort
LosLiberadosFlag.png Republic of Los Liberados State Rodrigo Calderon Mendez, President of the National Liberation Council
NP.png National Party of Alrodey Political Organisation Viktor Falkner Governing party of Alrodey
PlaidC.png Plaid Calbinol Political Organisation Llywelyn Lewis Representing the Calbain people within the state of Arcadia
VerionianFlag.png Verionian Empire State Miqah, Elu of the Empire
Verionshield.gif Verionist International Political Organisation Eki Verion Representing Verionist political parties in Elwynn, Natopia and Shireroth