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His Grace Robert, the Duke of Altamore, K.C.C., K.B., K.O.E., O.M.

Plumbley's Who's Who of Gotzborg
Robert Davis
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Personal Arms
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Personal Medals
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Title His Grace
Full Name Robert Davis
Immigrated August 18, 2004
Emigrated June 15, 2005


Robert Davis swept into Gotzborg with grand ideas for the judiciary, becoming the first Deputy Vice-Minister of State for Justice. In a matter of two weeks, he authored the Judicial Establishment Act, created the King Charles II School of Law, and wrote the extensive Code of Criminal Law. On completing his assignment with the Home Office, Davis became the Minister of State for the Foreign Office, and later he was appointed as the first Royal Chancellor of Gotzborg. In October 2004, he was appointed as the Duke of Altamore.

His wife, Angel, and daughter, Chloe, are also citizens of Gotzborg.

Davis resigned his citizenship on June 15, 2005, following a personal falling-out with His Royal Majesty, though His Royal Majesty immediately appointed him as an honorary citizen of Gotzborg and allowed him to retain all of his titles and honours, in recognition of his strong dedication to the community. At the time of his resignation, Davis was the most-decorated Gotzer in the Kingdom's history and remains one of the most decorated to this day.

Davis passed away from a lengthy battle with cancer on March 20, 2006.

Meaning of Personal Arms

The Personal Arms of Robert Davis, displayed above, were commissioned by the King's Herald at Reginsburg House in 2004. The Crown above the Arms are symbolic of Davis' title as Duke, while the small armorial in the centre is that of the Duchy of Altamore. Other components of the Arms carry the following meaning:

  • The Celtic Cross symbolizes the unity of Heaven and Earth and is coloured green (vert) for hope, joy and loyalty in love;
  • The white (argent) background symbolizes peace;
  • The Oak Tree symbolizes great age and strength;
  • The blue (azure) background represents truth and loyalty;
  • The Sceptres are the symbols of justice and are coloured silver (argent) to represent sincerity;
  • The purple (purpure) background symbolizes sovereignty and justice;
  • The Bear (rampant) symbolizes strength and ferocity in the protection of family; and,
  • The red (gules) background is for military strength and magnanimity.

Titles, Awards & Decorations

  1. Navy Service Medal (2004);
  2. Government Service Medal (2004);
  3. Military Decoration 2nd Class (August 27, 2004);
  4. Knight Officer of The Most Honourable Order of the Eagle (K.O.E.) (September 1, 2004);
  5. The Royal Order of Merit Officer's Cross (2nd Class) (O.M.) (September 20, 2004);
  6. Silver Cross of Sovereignty (Sovereign Imperial Republic of Natopia) (September 24, 2004);
  7. Knight Commander of the Most Illustrious Imperial Order of Sleipnir (Viking Empire of Stormark) (October 26, 2004);
  8. Cross for Loyal Service (October 29, 2004);
  9. Knight Commander of The Most Noble and Ancient Order of the Crown (K.C.C.) (December 14, 2004);
  10. Aceso Cross (December 19, 2004);
  11. War Merit Cross 2nd Class w/Frontline Clasp (December 24, 2004);
  12. Order of The Black Hole, Protector (Natopia) (2004);
  13. FNORD Award for Most Committed Micronationalist (January 29, 2005);
  14. Military Decoration 1st Class (February 19, 2005);
  15. August William II Medal - Bronze (March 7, 2005);
  16. Diplomatic Distinguished Service Medal (March 14, 2005);
  17. Knight Stranger of The Most Illustrious and the Most Noble Order of the Bison (July 11, 2005) (as honorary citizen);

Government Service

  1. Deputy Vice-Minister of State for Justice (August 23, 2004 - September 9, 2004);
  2. Minister of State for the Foreign Office (September 9, 2004 - December 10, 2004);
  3. Lord Justice of the High Court of the Realm (September 15, 2004 - September 28, 2004);
  4. Royal Chancellor (September 28, 2004 - June 15, 2005);

Military Service


  1. Commodore (Brevet) (RN) (2004);
  2. Honorary Major-General (RA) (February 2, 2006) (as honorary citizen);


  1. Royal Navy Headquarters, HRM Dockyard Reichlau (RN) (2004);
  2. Grand Duke Salm's Own (1st Royal Infantry Regiment) (RA) (February 2, 2006) (honorary);

Police Service


No records available.


No records available.

Other Service

  1. Representative to the Gotzborg-Talamthom Committee on Judicial Affairs (August 18, 2004 - August 27, 2004);
  2. Professor of Law & Principal, King Charles II School of Law (September 4, 2004 - June 15, 2005);
  3. Duke of Altamore (October 5, 2004 - March 20, 2006);

Notable Contributions

  1. Founder of the King Charles II School of Law;