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Preserved Fish, born Preserved Bethoun in Asantelian in 1598, died in Shirekeep, 1701, was the son of Fisk van der Sluijs (and thus a grandson of Kaiser Fish XII) and Tacka Bethoun. He was a businessman and structural engineer, specialised in constructing cheap and sturdy accommodations for the ever-growing number of loyal subjects, community servants and protected persons of the Kaiser.

After the Kalirion Fracture, he sided with the Salomist faction.

He is also known for his name. He was given the name Preserved (pronounced with three syllables) by his mother (in the sense that he was preserved – protected – from the mental illness of his paternal lineage). His father knew not of his existence until his teenage years. Upon legal majority, he took the surname Fish in an effort to build a closer relationship to his paternal family. He refused however to take on the dynastic name Van der Sluijs or Oroigawa, feeling that as a denizen, he ought not have a noble name. True to his name, he was preserved from mental illness. His life was characterised with happiness, peace, and joy.

He died surrounded by his wife, Maureen, and five children (Cod, Elba, Rascal, Cleft, and Martin) and nine grandchildren on 11.III.1701.