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Kaiser Fish XII

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Kaiser Fish XII
疎癒川 鵬, Oroigawa Ōtori
Kaiser fish.jpeg
Former Kaiser of Shireroth
Began 1570
Ended 1572 (abdicated due to insanity)
Predecessor Kaiser Ometeotl I
Successor Kaiser Magni I
Imperial Bloodline Van der Sluijs
Physical description
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Kaiser Reynardine I
Mother Gilrean Treebane
Issue Fisk
Date of birth 1544
Place of birth Absentia
Date of death 1620
Place of death Asantelian
Resting place Valley of Mors
Kaiser Fish XII
Former Senator of Elwynn and Senator of the Lakes
Vandersluijs standard.png
Tenure began 1595
Tenure ended 1599 (in Elwynn 1600)
Senate(s) IV
Physical description
Biographical information

Kaiser Fish XII (疎癒川 鵬, Oroigawa Ōtori; also known by his Batavianized name Falkner van der Sluijs), born in 1544, and died in 1620, reigned as Kaiser from 1570 to 1572, after having served as Steward 1566–1570. The reign brought Shireroth to the Bastion Union. The Kaiser had to abdicate due to insanity. Lived out his life out of the public view, mainly in Montrano until 1602, and thereafter until his death, in Asantelian.

Had two sons, Fisk (born 1567) and Dag (born 1569).

Preceded by:
Kaiser Ometeotl I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by
Kaiser Magni I