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Palace of Whales

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The Palace of the Whales is the largest mansion and palace in the Principality of Whales. Located in the city of Walstadt-Kujira-kei, it houses the government of the principality. The House of Lords meets here whenever assembled. It is officially the residence of the Prince of Whales, Kir, and his Regent, the Lady Rei of Kin'uyama.

The Palace of Whales was built 1592–1597 AN by Elijah Ayreon, first Prince of Walstadt, and designed by Sangunese architects in accordance with Sangunese practices (with the necessary revisions relating to the climate of its location). In the years 1597–1602, the most "obvious" Sangunese elements were removed from the interior and exterior on the decree of Princess Sisera and Prince Heinrich. Thus, the Palace of Whales developed a more Germanic feel during these years, which it continued to have until 1648, after the Fall of Walstadt. Refurbishments occurred thereafter to restore the palace to its original design, with suitable upgrades of piping and electricity. The new design was inaugurated in 1660.