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Mat Perseus Gemious Flynn

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Mat Phinean Perseus Gemious Flynn

Mat Gemious Flynn
Personal details
Mat Phinean Perseus Gemious Flynn

(-16BP-11-14)14 November -16BP
Pos Jor, Telipot (Bluie) Islands, New Territories
Died 23 February RP 2602(RP 2602-02-23) (aged 17)
Saporok, Ïeu'ryádoche, Oriental Hispanioéire Taemhwan
Cause of death Asthma
Resting place Sungai Singingi Public Cemetry, Batang Padang, Highland Bank, New Territories, Federal Special Capital Territory
Nationality Phinbellan
Mother Unknown mother (his father's biological younger brother)
Father Unknown father (his mother's biological elder brother)
Residence Habu
Occupation Federal Republic of Phinbella
Profession Guitarist · Vocalist
Species Human
Race Zaipinichi Peranakan-Yapreayan
Hair Color and Style Black, brown and white
Eye Color Red, grey and yellow
Skin Color Coloured
Military service
Allegiance Phinbella
Branch/service T.A.P.O.P.S.
Years of service -2BP–RP 2602
Musical career
Origin Pos Jor, New Territories, Federal Special Capital Territory
Genres Slow rock · Pop rock
Instruments Guitar · Vocal
Labels Pustaka Muzik Karyawan Bandaraya · Wayang Tinggi Entertainment
Associated acts The Sweet Child

Mat Phinean Perseus Gemious Flynn, known as Mat Perseus Flynn or Gemious Flynn (born 14 November -16BP; died 23 February RP 2602) was a Phinbellan pop vocalist during the provisional government era, he is also a songwriter and record producer. Born in Pos Jor, New Territories in -16BP and grew up in Habu, a village near Batang Padang in the Highland Bank, he is the eldest of three siblings as a result of the relationship of his parents who are a pair of siblings, both of his parents are members of the military in the pre-Phinbellan era and is also a descendant of Tōnán'hyôrïan and Yapreayan. Deeply influenced by the rock music that formed PP-pop at the time, he had joined two rock bands in elementary school. This young singer is famous for his soft voice, his famous song is "Suffering" (Phineaner: Derita). Perseus is well-known throughout the Gangwol region music world for his soft but clear voice and his creative talents that are always changing or otherwise, so he is known as the "Musical Rumble of PP-pop", but that title only lasted for almost two years following his death on his teenage years.

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