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"Cyberia" has been used since at least 1995 to refer in a generic sense to a group, community, or society united not by geography or culture, but by advanced froms of electronic communication. Sometime a synonym for the future. The most prominent micronations to use the name "Cyberia" are the Federal Republic of Cyberia, the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia, and the United Provinces of East Cyberia (U.P.E.C.). Those Cyberias claim descent at least in part from the micronation first brought to the internet by Ken Kerns in 1997.

UPEC has since dissolved, while the Federal Republic and Virtual Commonwealth still exist.

Many of the Cyberias are or have been in a state of conflict with one another since 1998. These conflicts have lead to external action, such as the Micronations.Net Forums imposing a rule

"Any discussion concerning either of the two Cyberias is also prohibited, although simple, factual and non-argumentative announcements about them are permitted."

Neither the VCC or the FRC function as independant micronations any longer.

Other Cyberias have come and gone over time. This is a partial list.

Restored (Imperial) Commonwealth of Cyberia

The Restored Commonwealth of Cyberia, or RCC, was a result of the Third War for Cyberian Liberation, and was an attempt by the Mala'anje, DSSI, the Skunk Apes, Capt. Geoffrey T. Spaulding's Menet Government, reminants of the Cyberian Renaissance Action Party and various Jacobists elements to from a "Restored Commonwealth, based on the fun and freedom of Old Cyberia."

As is the nature of many such coalitions, most either lost interest or became tired of attacks from revanchists interests. The RCC changed its name to the RICC (Restored Imperial Commonwealth of Cyberia) as a Jacobist entity, and is seen by them as a succesor to Free Cyberia.

Democratic Republic of Cyberia

A cryptic reference has been found mentioning the Democratic Republic of Cyberia, dated January 14 1997. This is three years before Jacobian involvement in Cyberia, and nine months before the founding of the Kerns version of Cyberia, to wit:

• mamma's metasearch results - about these results Search Results 16-18 of 18 for "Republic of Cyberia" [Prev] 1 2 16. Ashley's Guest Book ...It gives you a link to the Democratic Republic of Cyberia, a virtual country that I.....matthew gear <none> Madison, WI Cental African Republic - Tuesday, January 14, 1997 at ... [ Gigablast ]" [edit]Federal Republic of Cyberia See Federal Republic of Cyberia

Kingdom of Cyberia

A Kingdom of Cyberia was a full member of SPUM in May of 2003 Quote: CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE SPUM

On the 5th of May 2003, the following nations were declared full unmoderated members:

Aerican Empire Amerada, Republic of Cyberia, Kingdom of Dreamland, Kingdom of Grand Duchy of Thornley Kiseean Kingdom, Great United Leblandia, Empire of New Worcester Kingdom Pasargada, Free Community of Poland, Free Club of the Republic of Salsealand, Democratic Republic of Sarmatia, Principality of Senmorta, Principality of Strathclyde, Republic of Tebeakesse, The Empire of TorHavn, Kingdom of Zarahemla, Kingdom of

Close quote. see:

The website of a Kingdom of Cyberia-

Menet Free State

About a year before the Third War for Cyberian Liberation, Cody Williams and his followers declared the Menet Free State, claiming the secession of the province.

United Provinces of Western Cyberia

is mentioned at

People's Democratic Republic of Mala and Windsor Islands

In 1998, during the First War of Cyberian Liberation, the left-wing governments of Mala province and Windsor_Islands declared a "People's Democratic Republic of Mala and Windsor Islands". This Republic shows on the Michael Rosario map reproduced with the Cyber-Island Chain article.

U.P.E.C. also claimed the two provinces. Today the Federal Republic of Cyberia alone uses the name Mala for it's westernmost province.

Virtual City of Cyberia

On July 1st, 2007, Anthony Mitchell, Mayor of the virtual on-line city of Cyberia, announced the existance of his city/state on MNN.