Capt. Geoffrey T. Spaulding

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Geoffrey T Spaulding was a citizen of the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia, and is today the Secretary of State of the Federal Republic of Cyberia and the Acting Lord Protector of Puritania. This seems quite a resumee for someone accused of being a "sock puppet". Those who do not believe in Spaulding's existance perforce do not believe in his achievements. Geoff's friends may have similar opinions of other's accomplishments.

Spaulding's career as an explorer in 2001 peaked with his discovery of an actual settlement of Skunk Apes living in the high mountainous area on the Menet-Mattimeo border. The Apes were worshipping a pole upon which they had carved the likenesses of two Cyberian politicians Janus-style, back to back. Spaulding was able to convince the Chief of the Apes Bongo Bo that these "gods" were mortal beings very much like themselves.

The effect of this so unnerved Spaulding that he entered politics, becoming Preator (Governor) of Menet. His attempt to revive the province and reform the Cyberian system was one of the stresses that lead to the Third War for Cyberian Liberation. As Spaulding had championed the rights of the Apes to be treated as equals, the Apes responded by joining the forces of Menet in resisting the invasion of federal forces.

Spaulding's critics would say that both Spaulding and Bongo Bo were paper dolls operated Jacobus. Spaulding's critics also point to the text of the Menet Enfranchisement and Stability Act which vested all provincial executive, legislative and judicial powers in one Praetor Spaulding while extending his term of office by 7 months, an act passed in 52 seconds in the Menet legislature by the sole vote of the same Praetor Spaulding. The Menet legislation was held contrary to the Cyberian bill of rights by the Cyberian Oligarchy-controlled VCC Supreme Court.

Later, Spaulding served as Chief Justice of Puritania. In 2005 he assumed the title of Acting Lord Protector, and in June 2006 he concluded a treaty of protection and mutual assistance with the Federal Republic of Cyberia.

Spaulding was succeeded in Menet by Governor Tim Dunkin. He also served as Secretary of War under President Kahunamea.

Spaulding was perhaps the last President of the FRC before it's collapse.

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