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The Commonwealth of Puritania

Puritania.jpg The flag of Puritania

An older micronation. The leading personalities included Julian Starr, Austi Scot, and many others. The Tynwald was an open form of government. The Lord Protector was head of state.

Puritanian subdivisions were formed by settlement. Each was allowed it's own form of government. These varied widely from Stalinism to Absolute Monarchy. (see Absentia). A communist takeover started a Civil War that lead to the collapse of the state.

After this time of chaos, the last Chief Justice, Capt. Geoffrey T. Spaulding assumed the title of Acting Lord Protector and attempted to revive the nation starting in late 2005. He had very little success.

Spaulding concluded a Treaty of Protection and Mutual Assistance with the Federal Republic of Cyberia in June of 2006,l and in Sept. 2006 he requested annexation by the FRC.

With the withdrawl of the FRC from its overseas ambitions, Puritania was returned to its Founder, with the exclusion of Absentia.