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Also known as Baron Von Scot. Formerly involved with V.C.Cyberia, Tymaria, Shireroth, (see Halluci),Lyrica, Puritania and other nations. Bomburg Island is his proprietary nation.

The Baron was seriously wounded during an internal Shirithian conflict, and he was found (appropriately) hallucinating, wandering in the desert, and subsisting solely on cactus seeds and wild honey. He was taken to his Castle by friends.

It is said by many that Bongo Bo], an associate of the Baron's longtime friend Emperor Jacobus, broke into the Castle and took the Baron to a place from which he was transported to an alien spacecraft (reportedly the Starship Improvise). The hope was that their advanced science could cure him of his wounds and the illness that they brought upon him.

Many years later did return, and served as MiniEx and in other important positions. He has since departed once again to Parts Unknown.

Legend says that someday when the need of Good is the greatest that he will envision himself back to Shireroth.