Cyberian Renaissance Action Party

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A center-right reformist political party founded by Austi Scot, Joe Whit and others. The CRAP claims that it attempted to balance the extremist tendencies of the parties of various names that tended in Cyberia to center around Alan Grieve on one side and Peter Hickey on the other. CRAP attempted to amend the constitution as follows:

The Restoration of Civility and Civilization Act.

In order to preserve even the semblence of Democracy in Cyberia, and to promote the growth of the Commonwealth.

  • 1- Alan Greive is hereby expelled from Cyberia as a danger to the peace of the Nation.
  • 2- With the exception of the above said Alan Grieve, a general amnesty is declared. All arrests, convictions, trials and criminal and civil disabilities are hereby dismissed and erased.
  • 3- Any and all provisions of the Constution of the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia or laws of the same contrary to #1 and #2 above are hereby waived for the purpose of #1 and #2 above only and exclusively.

I submit this Act as an a citizen's initiative for referendum.

Signed , Capt. Geoffrey T. Spaulding Acting Praetor, Province of Menet

That attempt was thwarted and ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Grieve's partisans wanted the amendment quashed as a bill of attainder, which are banned under the Cyberian constitution. However, as the proposed action was offered as an amendment to that constitution, its supporters claim that it was completely legitimate. The PFP supported the Stabilization and Civility Act. This thwarting of the initiative process was a major cause of the Third War for Cyberian Liberation, as many of those who backed CRAP lost all faith in Cyberian democracy. Some left the country, and micronationalism forever. The remainder tended to support the anti-government side in the following War.

CRAP sucessfully backed Joe Whit for Vice President of Cyberia. In the Third War for Cyberian Liberation, (called the Menet Incident by the Oligarchy), Whit declared himself president after Capt. Geoffrey T. Spaulding suspended the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and the National Assembly and President. Whit moved to an undisclosed location after the articles of impeachment were introduced.

The majority of CRAP members resigned their citizenship and left the country after the VCC court rejected the Stabilization and Civility Act. Others, such as David Oatney. himself a CRAP member, and Matt Cook opposed Spaulding's coup. The cognate Semblence sic of Democracy Act was ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court because the Cyberian bill of rights bans acts of attainder and is only amendable by popular referendum. However, this referendum was cancelled extraleagly by the Oligarchy. Under threats and pressure Oatney, Cook and the PFP all withdrew their support from for the Semblence of Democracy Act.

A new CRAP has been founded in the Federal Republic of Cyberia, which bans both Greive, his party, and his main supporter by Article XXI of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Cyberia.