First War of Cyberian Liberation

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The First War for Cyberian Liberation occured from July 15 to October of 1998. The result was the formation of the United Provinces of East Cyberia, lead by Michael Rosario.This was the first splintering of the Cyberian state into many Cyberias. Rosario was tried on what afterward were admitted to be trumpted-up charges by the Cyberian Oligarchy. This was the first successful revolt against restrictive acts such as the Simulations Control Act.

There exists a fragment from a contemporary history by Adm. Kenneth K.Thacker relating to the War. Adm. Thacker was an arch-rival of Rosario, and his comments should be taken with that in mind.

Quote- "Mike Rosario, the former Communist Governor of the Cyberian Province of Menet and one of Thacker’s greatest personal and political enemies, had finally been brought to justice before Cyberian courts. Only days away from a conviction and a prison term, Rosario escaped from the country and fomented a revolution that nearly tore Cyberia apart. The full treachery of Rosario was not known until just two weeks after he escaped when warships and troops invaded the East Cyberian Archipelago. Rosario’s forces brutally crushed all resistance and instituted a communist dictatorship with him as its head. Not much is know about exactly how he acquired the number of eastern block warships, aircraft and arms that his armed forces currently rely on. What is known however, is that he funneled hundreds of millions of Cy in Menet taxes to his own overseas accounts and later, with the help of former Cyberian Minister of Defense, Chris Loutradis, embezzled 350 million Cy from the Cyberian government in the infamous MDA/MAC Cutter scam.

With his hold on power secure Rosario then began looking for way to avenge himself on his political enemies. Rosario funneled troops and arms to Mala and Windsor separatists in Cyberia, who carried out a bloody civil war that, lasted for months before being crushed." (end quote)

Another quote from an ancient source reads:

"July 15-August 2, 1998 Sporadic rioting in Mala Province and Windsor Islands Territory instigated by Communist agents under command of former Deputy Travis Dandy. Federal troops under Minister of Defense Tim Dunkin restore order in both Mala and Windsor by August 3.

August 4-5, 1998 Speaker Jones and the Malan branch of the Socialist Party resign from Cyberia, declare "Workers' Republic of Mala and Windsor," and join East Cyberia(U.P.E.C.-ed.) Acting President Vadim Pokotilov names emergency governors: Scott Rosen in Mala and Jason Kovacs in Windsor. The situation in both places remains calm and the riots cease with the continued presence of Federal troops."

Rosario's description of events is, of course, quite different.