KZE Aurora

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KZE Aurora
KZE Aurora.png
Full name Kloz Zóutbawes Elskaies "Aurora"
Nickname(s) Stars
Founded 2014
Dissolved 2018
Ground Aurora Stadium
(capacity: 41,200)
Head coach Firense Väls-Tursek
League Gerenian Women's First Division
2015–16 8th

KZE Aurora (Kloz Zóutbawes Elskaies Aurora, English: Aurora Women's Football Club) was a Gerenian women's football club based in the city of Mergeazes, which competed in the Gerenian Women's First Division.


The club was formed in 2014, and soon became a founder of the Gerenian Women's First Division.


Final 2018 squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Gerenia GK Selma Bilure
2 Gerenia DF Etelvîne Ándeger
3 Gerenia DF Julie Pasîn
4 Gerenia MF Karle Petav
5 Gerenia DF Elena Astaran
6 Gerenia MF Pavele Fedave
7 Gerenia MF Leila Baĵen
8 Gerenia MF Ludmila Seravet
9 Gerenia FW Viktoria Gíher
10 Gerenia MF Nadîne Kradagan
11 Gerenia FW Favstîne Jangs (c)
12 Gerenia GK Ivstjn Stäker
13 Gerenia DF Anmarie Verhal
No. Position Player
14 Gerenia DF Ánghele Gesta
15 Gerenia FW Valentîne Tahaks
16 Gerenia MF Roberte Japerîn
17 Gerenia MF Eris Ferranes
18 Gerenia GK Fabiane Anzul
19 Gerenia DF Bartîne Klidir
20 Gerenia FW Isabel Vártes
21 Gerenia FW Žana Sugera-Anvar
22 Gerenia DF Ghekelîn Divut
23 Gerenia DF Líndere Sängire
24 Gerenia FW Galat Sundar
25 Gerenia FW Marsele Zievat


Aurora used the Aurora Stadium as home ground. Before the stadium was built, they shared the Istalnetoles Olímpies with KZ Uzenaie Mergeaze'es.


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