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Juan Pablo Jimenez

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Nouvelle Alexandrie

Who's Who of Nouvelle Alexandrie
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Juan Pablo Jimenez
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Titles and Offices Held
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Full Name Juan Pablo Jimenez
  • Viktor Jimenez
  • Alessandra Maria Pablo
Birth Date 7.X.1657 AN
Family Partner is Juliana Morena (b. )
City and Region of Residence Alduria

Juan Pablo Jimenez was Leader of the Federal Liberal Alternative, President of the Liberty and Democracy Party, and a senior legislator in the Parliament of Alduria. He is now part of the national level cadre of the Federal Humanist Party, of which he has been a member since 1692 and within which he has enjoyed tribunal rank since 1699 AN.

Early Life

Born and raised in Rosselló, Santander to Viktor Jimenez, a policeman, and Alessandra Maria Pablo, an elementary school teacher and later registered nurse. Upon graduation from college, joined this Santander Police, rising to the rank of sergeant.

Annoyance at repeated frivolous suits towards policemen by nefarious arrestees led him to amateurly, and then professionally, study criminal justice. Graduated with an LLB, was later promoted to lieutenant and initially assigned at the Special Investigations section. Resigned after a year and joined the prosecutor's office as an assistant prosecutor after being called to the bar. After several years, became known as the policeman's prosecutor due to his easy rapport with police plaintiffs. Developed a reputation as an easygoing yet workaholic, with an eye for detail and meticulous case buildup. Retained firearms proficiency throughout his career.

Married Alicia Jane Stewart, a financial analyst for the Aldurian Oil Company, later working for the Federal Revenue Authority, and now runs her own small accounting firm. Has two children, Enrique and Marissa.

Early Political Activities

His impeccable integrity, obvious incorruptibility, and demanding work ethic endeared him to many middle-class Aldurians, who saw him as a prospective solid, family-values, law and order candidate. Initially refused overtures by friends, family, and political operators. Was convinced to run as an independent in a safe seat in Rosselló city council elections, won handily. Made his mark with reasonable ordinances as Chairman of the Committee on Law, Order, and Justice. Gained reputation as tough on recidivists but raised eyebrows with his advocacy for community policing and for holding corrupt and incompetent policemen accountable. Recruited into the Liberty and Democracy Party after his first term, served 3 more successive terms, ending as Deputy Majority Leader.

Easily won election to the legislature. Known to be a straight-talker and straight shooter, gaining loyal friends from various parties. Very active in committees on justice and peace and order, and a known advocate on criminal justice reform.

His quiet, consistent, sustainable popularity and skills in consensus and coalition-building led him to leadership positions in the Party, and the wider coalition. Easily re-elected to the Federal Assembly as Deputy from Santander. Elected first Governor of Santander under the Local Government Act, 1694.

In 1699, prematurely resigned the Governorship after he was appointed Chief of Staff and Special Advisor to the President of the Government, Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz. Strongly considered to sit in the Federal Police Committee, and an early shoo-in for Commissioner of the Santander Police. Took appointment as Deputy Minister of Justice with remit on improving police-Ministry cooperation and coordination.