FSL Championship

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FSL Championship
File:FSL Championship Logo.png
Countries Floria Floria (16 teams)
Florian Eura Florian Eura (1 team)
Etourney Etourney (1 team)
Founded 2018
First season Super League 2
Number of teams 24 (From 2021)
Levels on pyramid 2
Current champions TBD
FSL Championship



FSL Championship clubs
Colours Club Established Location Stadium Capacity* Super League Affiliate
Coldley Panthers colours.png Coldley Panthers 2017 Coldley, Floria Coldley Stadium 5,000 Birmingham Titans
Dragonmoor Hornets colours.png Dragonmoor Hornets 2017 Dragonmoor, Florian Republic Hornets Stadium 9,961 Dragonmoor Devils
Etourney Scorpions colours.png Etourney Scorpions 2017 St Edwin's, Etourney Etourney Stadium 21,000 N/A
Havenbarrow Rovers colours.png Havenbarrow Rovers 2017 Havenbarrow Post Office Way 6,750 N/A
Havenbarrow Raiders colours.png Havenbarrow Raiders 2017 Havenbarrow, Florian Republic Raiders Park 7,600 Havenbarrow Wolves
File:Florian Eura Hunters colours.png Florian Eura Hunters 2017 Togofaga, Florian Eura Hunters Stadium 14,000 N/A
Meadowedge Blues colours.png Meadowedge Blues 2017 Meadowedge, Florian Republic The Bay 32,609 Meadowedge Warriors
Newhedge Centurions colours.png Newhedge Centurions 2017 Newhedge Newhedge Sports Village 12,000 N/A
Newhedge Rams colours.png Newhedge Rams 2017 Newhedge, Floria Queens Flats 5,100 N/A
Northcliff Broncos colours.png Northcliff Broncos 2017 Northcliff Ancestor Stadium 4,000 N/A
Northcliff Eagles colours.png Northcliff Eagles 2017 Northcliff, Floria The Beehive 6,500 Northcliff Roosters
Northcliff Knights colours.png Northcliff Knights 2017 Northcliff, Floria Ancestor Stadium 3,020 Northcliff Tigers
Northsilver KR colours.png Northsilver KR 2017 Northsilver, Floria Kings Way Park 12,225 Northsilver Panthers
Southern Knights colours.png Southern Knights 2017 Southwood, Floria
Southoak, Floria
Southern Park 19,000 N/A
Stonehall Lions colours.png Stonehall Lions 2018 Stonehall, Floria Lions Park 5,400 Stonehall Rhinos
Westhill Roosters colours.png Westhill Roosters 2018 Westhill, Floria Roosters Way 6,000 N/A
Westlake Bulldogs colours.png Westlake Bulldogs 2018 Westlake, Floria Mountain Way 5,920 Westlake Widlcats
File:Wolfcoast Sharks colours.png Wolfcoast Sharks 2018 Oldhaven,Floria TBC TBC Southern Storm

Season Structure

Pre season

Preseason begins in January and ends in early February. In this time clubs from the league play friendlies against other teams in the Confederate States of Floria.

Regular season

The regular season of FSL Championship starts in Early March following a brief series of friendlies. A round of regular season matches is played every weekend for 31 weeks, usually until the end of September. All matches are played on Saturday evening. Teams receive two competition points for a win and one point for a draw. Teams on the table are ranked by Teams on the ladder are ranked by competition points, then match points differential (for and against) and points percentage are used to separate teams with equal competition points. At the end of the regular season, the highest ranked club wins the league leaders Trophy.

Playoffs and promotion

The leagues grand final determines the season's overall champions and decides who automatically promotes to the Florian Super League. The system consists of a number of games between the top eight teams over four weeks in September, until only two teams remain. These two teams then contest the Grand Final, which is usually played on the first Sunday of October. Both grand finalists will both be promoted to the Florian Super League. The losers of the preliminary finals qualify for the 'Million Dollar Game', a game which decides the final berth of promotion to the Florian Super League. The game is a curtain-raiser for the grand final of the league.

Media coverage

Red Sports and FBC Sport will cover the live coverage of the league.

Match officials

Two referee system

The league will use the referring system currently used in the Florian Super League.


Monster Interactive is expected to sponsor the league in its first season.