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FBC Sport
Industry Television
Area served Florian Republic
Owner(s) Florian Senate

FBC Sport is a department of the Florian Broadcasting Corporation which provides television and radio coverage of sport in the Confederate States of Floria. Despite being owned by the Florian Broadcasting Corporation, FBC Sport is mostly independent when it comes to management and operations. FBC Sport shares the exclusive right with Red Sports to television broadcasts of Category 1 sporting events such as the FMRL World Cup, FMF World Cup,Copa Apollonia,President Bowl and the Micras Games.

Domestic broadcasting

In the Florian Republic, FBC Sport operates numerous channels. Six rugby league specific channels (FBC Sports RL1–6), two football-specific channels (FBC Sports Football 1&2). The four other channels accommodate the other sports played in Floria. All broadcasts are in Florian but English is available through a red button service.

International broadcasting

Summary of programming

Rugby League

FBC Sport shows live coverage of the Apollonian Challenge Cup, the FMRL Four Nations, ARL Championships and the FMRL World Cup. It was announced that if the Confederate States of Floria's bid to host the 2019 FMRL World Cup was successful, FBC Sport would broadcast all matches of the tournament. FBC Sport also broadcasts 4 Florian Super League and Florian Super League 2 matches every week and it also provides a highlight show for both leagues.


Micras Games

Ice Hockey

Rugby union

Other sports