First Elwynnese Republic

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The first Elwynnese Republic refers to Elwynn 1653–1664, after the King of Elwynn (Vilhjálm Daniel Gudrödar) signed a new Constitution on the advice of the Council of Eliria. This new constitution did away with the monarchy of Vanic Elwynn. Vilhjálm became interim Prince until the election of Liv Dravot later the same year.

The first Elwynnese Republic was highly unstable. Although had an elected Prince and a Senate as well as an elected Congress, there was much infighting between various factions (Ayreonist, Nationalist-Humanist, Verionist, Communist), which led to the Elwynnese Civil War. In the end, Elwynnese statehood was destroyed in 1664, only to be restored by the establishment of the second and independent Elwynnese Republic in 1672.

Preceded by:
State Law & Order Restoration Council
Government of Elwynn
Succeeded by
Second Partition of Elwynn