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Felcra 4.25 FC

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Felcra 4.25 FC
Full name Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority "April 25" Football Club
Nickname(s) The Rivals
The Consolidators
Founded RP 2616
Ground Our Masan Hub Stadium
(capacity: 15,025)
Owner Felcra Berhad
Chairman Ri Myun-swŏng
Head coach Tarcísio Pugliese
League PP.League
RP 2620 8th

FELCRA April 25 Football Club (Taesongean: 펠크라4.25체육단, Pelkkeura Sa i o cheyukdan), or 4.25 SC for short, or sometimes "April 25 National Defence Football Club" (4.25'국방체육단', Sa i o "Gukbang cheyukdan"), is a football club in Phinbella based in Masan, primarily known outside of Phinbella for its men's and women's football teams. The club belongs to the Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority and the Ministry of People's Armed Forces; all members of the professional teams (male and female) are considered FELCRA settlers and officers of the Army.

First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Phinbella GK Ri Kwang-Il
2 Phinbella DF Ethan Jolley
3 Phinbella DF Jack Sergeant
4 Phinbella MF Sim Hyon-jin
5 Phinbella DF Suri Hassanul Bakri
6 Phinbella DF Jesse Picardo-Peralta
7 Phinbella MF O Hyok-chol
8 Phinbella MF Liam Walker
9 Phinbella MF Herman Do Lil Sulton
10 Phinbella FW Adam Gracia
11 Phinbella FW Wikikiranak Houmanchous Bokawari
12 Phinbella DF Rahmed Firmansyah
13 Phinbella FW Rim Chol-min
14 Phinbella DF Son Pyong-il
15 Phinbella MF Won Song
16 Phinbella MF Christian Zammitt-Aguis
17 Phinbella FW Michael Yome
No. Position Player
18 Phinbella FW Ikuto Wikari
19 Phinbella MF Dakami Tsuchiko
20 Phinbella MF Andrew Quehairil
21 Phinbella FW Jang Hyok
22 Phinbella MF Ri Hyong-jin
23 Phinbella GK An Tae-song
24 Phinbella MF Bikomo Hin
26 Phinbella DF Liam Souk
27 Phinbella MF Myong Cha-hyon
28 Phinbella MF Alexander O'Higgins
29 Phinbella DF Park Song-rok
30 Phinbella DF Andi Raphael
31 Phinbella DF Nu Kiwarassavaschourausuy
32 Phinbella GK Hassan Mary
33 Phinbella MF Jong Chung-son
36 Phinbella GK Furannahasin Chu