Elstree Road

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Elstree Road
The Big House
Elstree Road.png
A view of the western stands
Full name Elstree Road Stadium
Location Port Isherwood, Gerenia
Broke ground 2011
Built 2012
Opened August 2012
Owner Isherwood CSSC
Operator District of Bulatna, Port Elerat
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Two
Construction cost GSR 31,455,600
Capacity 26,000
Record attendance 23,457
(Isherwood CSSC v International SC, 24 November 2012)
Field dimensions 110x69m
Isherwood CSSC
Gerenia national rugby league team

Elstree Road is a Gerenian multi-purpose stadium located in the northern district of Bulatna, in Port Elerat. Elstree Road opened in August 2012 with a 1–1 draw between Ramez City White Stars and Mayfield Bazree AC. The open-air structure can seat up to 26,000 spectators.


The stadium's name comes from the road where it is located on. Elstree Road is a major route in Port Elerat.

Elstree Road was built during 2012 on a piece of land donated by the District of Bulatna, which also financed the construction alongside the national government through the Ministry for Sport.

Elstree Road was inaugurated in 1 August 2012 as a football stadium, with the first match being contested three days later.

In December 2012, it was announced that the stadium was going to be also the home of the Gerenia national rugby league team.

The stadium was one of the six venues used at the 2014 Copa Apollonia, held in Gerenia.



Elstree Road is the home ground of League 1 side Isherwood CSSC. Also, due to being one of the biggest stadiums in the country, it is used as neutral venue for relevant matches, such as some of the 2012–13 Gerenian AEFA Champions' League qualification tournament, and some other games played by the Gerenia football team.

The first goal at Elstree Road was scored by Manuel Romero for Tawlkar Astros in a Gerenian League 1 1–1 draw with Ramez City White Stars, which played their first home matches at the stadium as theirs was still under construction. The first Isherwood CSSC goal at the stadium was Anatole Lagauzere's second-half strike against Mayfield Bazree AC on 18 August 2012.

Rugby league

As the national rugby league team was created, it was necessary for them to count on a stadium to play their home matches. The Gerenian Ministry for Sport decided Elstree Road to be that stadium.

Attendance record

The largest overall attendance at the stadium was on 24 November 2012 for the 2012 Gerenian National Cup semi-finals when Isherwood CSSC played International SC in front of 23,457 people.

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