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ESB Media

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ESB Media (Eura Syndicated Broadcasting Media) is a subsidiary of the ESB Euran Directorate registered in Constancia and Nouvelle Alexandrie that is engaged in radio broadcasting, film and television production and distribution, music and video recording, publishing, and distribution, print publishing, digital media, international television programming, sales and distribution, and editing and post-production services.

The company maintains its headquarters in Aqaba, Constancia. The company maintains several studios and broadcasting facilities in Alduria-Wechua: Punta Santiago, Susa, and Piriya. Among its more famous productions are Santiago Hope and Wesson, P.I..

In 1684, it acquired ESB Sports, which now operates as a subsidiary. The Aldurian Sun, a leading national daily newspaper published in Punta Santiago, Alduria, Alduria-Wechua, is a significant affiliate. In 1685, it incorporated and began operations of Central Broadcasting Company, the second-largest broadcast TV network in Alduria-Wechua.

In 1691, with funding and support from the Group Financial and Legal Directorate, ESB Media began planning and construction for a new global central broadcasting and studio complex in Tapfer Plaza, Aqaba. In 1692, ESB Media announced operations for a new national daily, the Ransenar Daily Mail.


Chair: The Countess Palatine of Mirioth and Amity
Vice Chair: The Prince of Molivadia
Court of Directors:

President: Johnston Muir