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Battle of Kota Pelampungan

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Battle of Kota Pelampungan
Date 9 April RP 2618 - ongoing
Location Kota Pelampungan, Sikin Sikin
Forajasaki Forajasaki
Sikin Sikin
Phinbella Phinbella
Forajasakian Ultranationalists
Commanders and leaders
Ahmad Abdullah Inzun Shah (Ruler of the State)
Abdullah Fattah (Prime Minister of Forajasaki)
Hamzah Bikhair (Emir of Sikin)
Rem Ja Peng
Sa Kit La (arrested)
Units involved
Forajasakian Armed Forces
500,000 soldiers
500 tanks
10 mechs
50 peacekeepers
50,000 ultranationalists
Casualties and losses
15,259 soldiers killed, 5,814 wounded, 10,825 captured 11,293 ultranationalists killed, 17,281 wounded

On 9 April RP 2618, ultranationalists invade Kota Pelampungan, the capital of Sikin. The ultranationalists, who is former members of Communist Party of Forajasaki was sent by Rem Ja Ping and Sa Kit La.

Rem Ja Ping said that the objective was to overthrow the government and replace it with restored Fora Union. Forajasakian forces had surrounded the city of Kota Pelampungan in Sikin, where the ultranationalists was.



6 April RP 2618 (two days before)
  • 9:00PM: The meeting was held in an abandoned building in a unknown city.
7 April RP 2618 (one day before)
  • A song released predicting that Sikin will fall down.
8/9 April RP 2618
  • 3:00PM: The ultranationalists went into disguise as traders.
  • 11:00PM: 50,000 ultranationalists went inside the ship in the free city of Bandar Baru Fatin
  • 6:00AM: The ship arrives in Kota Pelampungan.
  • 6:05AM: 5 ultranationalists who is disguising went inside the mosque. 5 mosque committee members is discussing near the white car. A ultranationalist is yelling and run into the 5 committee members then activate the suicide bomb, exploding 3 cars surrounding it and kill 6 people.
  • 6:16AM: 5 ultranationalists trigger a attack inside the mosque, killing 51 men and 20 women (including 15 childrens) inside the mosque.
  • 6:50AM: 4 ultranationalists steal an unoccupied car and went on a killing spree in the city.
  • 9:20AM: 8 ultranationalists interrupt the engagement ceremony, killing 50 people (including the groom, the bride, the ustaz and his/her family)
  • 9:50AM: Warning siren activated in the entire city. The residents proceed evacuated the city using four transport ships.
  • 10:00AM: Many of them refused to evacuate as they saw no ultranationalists. They were soon shocked by many ultranationalists coming into the city. They soon run to the four transport ships.
  • 10:05AM: One transport ship was stolen by ultranationalists resulting in 50 passengers became captives.
  • 10:10AM: Many Forajasakian soldiers, 500 tanks and 10 mechs entering the city, triggering a battle.
  • 4:15PM: During the Federal National Council Representatives' Hall evening session, the Ruler of the State declares the state of emergency in Sikin until the ultranationalists withdraws.
10 April RP 2618
11 April RP 2618
  • 6:50AM: The ultranationalized flag of Sikin was waved for the first time in an ruined Kota Pelampungan City Hall.
  • 8:00PM: Video of the paperboy being tortured by a ultranationalist was posted on social media.
15 April RP 2618
  • 10:00AM: There was news that said Air Tōnán'hyôrï Express Flight 214 was shot down, then the airlines company denied the allegation and the plane landed anxiously in Kuala Forajasaki and continued its journey to the Negara Awan. Initially, the plane was expected to fly to the Springwind Islands and then to Negara Awan, but because its route through Sikin was very dangerous following the war, the airline strategically devised to change its route, and finally the plane landed safely in the Springwind Islands on at 15:20 PPT.
19 April RP 2618
  • 5:00PM: 10 worshippers attacked and 15 worshippers injured after Asr prayer.
3 June RP 2618
  • 2:30PM: Sa Kit La's secret base were raided by 24 soldiers. His wife, siblings, parents and children are taken into custody while he was taken to maximum security prison.
28 August RP 2618
  • 8:00PM: A group of residents planted a bomb in a building that housed 1,000 ultranationalist prisoners, and the building exploded (and the building is long gone). The army witnessed the explosion and supports this action.