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Batavian kruys

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Batavian kruys
50 Bataafse Kruys.png
Code BAK
110 Stuyver
Banknotes 1 Kruys, 5 Kruys, 10 Kruys, 50 Kruys, 100 Kruys, 500 Kruys, 1000 Kruys
Coins 1 stuyver, 5 stuyvers, 10 stuyvers, 20 stuyvers, 50 stuyvers

Batavia Batavia

Leylstadt Leylstadt

The Batavian kruys, or kruys, has been the national currency of Batavia ever since 1520 AN. Earlier plans, after the unification of the country in 1513 AN, to establish on national currency were shot down by the administrations of the autonomous states of the Free Batavian States. Fears of losing power let to a heavy economical crisis, the Crash of 1518, severely damaged the public's trust in handling a financial crisis and weakened the government and its absolutist program. It led to the creation of the Kruys, under pressure of Jodocus van Haltna, in the begin days of the First Kingdom

While the Bataafsche Bank N.V. was responsible for the minting of new currencies. Until the introduction of the Law on National Currency there was no real legal framework.